Concert Snaps: VonShakes at the Knitting Factory

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Irish band, Von Shakes, played with high energy at the Knitting Factory to an equally energetic Saturday night crowd.  If you’re a fan of The Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes, you’ll immediately take to their punk and indie rock music.  My favorite from the songs played? The happy-snappy tune “My Side” which you can also hear here.

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peru: travel part i

Peru – Part I from erin & camera on Vimeo.

Peru Part I.

I took nearly 4,000 photos. Narrowed it down to 3,000, and broke it into two parts.
Warning: it’s a bit frenetic & might be seizure-inducing. Watch at your own risk.
Password through Facebook post.

Here’s part 1 of my travel.
- Salkantay Trek
- Ollantaytambo & Agua Caliente towns
- Cuy
- Pisco Sour
- Vistadome Train
- Machu Picchu
- & llamas

Music: Modern Drift by Efterklang

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Part II of Peru Travel

How to Pack for Peru

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peru: travel part ii

Peru – Part II from erin & camera on Vimeo.

Peru Part II.

I took nearly 4,000 photos. Narrowed it down to 3,000, and broke it into two parts.
Warning: it’s a bit frenetic & might be seizure-inducing. Watch at your own risk.

Here’s part 2 of my travel.
- New Year’s Eve at Plaza de Armas
- San Pedro Market
- Ollantaytambo & Pisac ruins
- Volunteering at Aldea Yanapay
- & llamas

Music: Annie You Save Me (Dr. Rosen Rosen Remix) by Graffiti6

Part I with Machu Picchu

Previous Post: How to Pack for Peru

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how to pack for peru

or how to quit your job and spend 3 weeks in Peru:
- 2-weeks notice & resignation letter to H.R.
- 1 week hiking Machu Picchu
- 2 weeks volunteering in Cusco

Have you seen this?  It’s framed and hanging on my bedroom wall.  Sometimes you have to swallow the shoulda-coulda-woulda’s, kick down the cubicle walls, and leap from high places. TRAVEL OFTEN.

One of my favorite part of travel is the prelude: the planning up to the departure date.

My least favorite part of planning is … packing.  I usually leave the inventory-related to-do’s to the last frantic minute but three weeks in Peru can’t be packed in minutes.  So here, I list all the things one might need when anticipating an adventure.  Note: I’m traveling during Peru’s summer (wet season), at high altitudes, with varying temperatures because of the long hike — from freezing cold nights to hot, sunny mid-day.

Remember, there’s only one tried & true rule to traveling: Travel Light.


** Items denoted with an asterisk (*) were purchased in anticipation of this trip.  If it weren’t for the hiking part, my budget would’ve been much smaller.
***Items in pink are pictured in the photo.

Things I’m Carrying:

  • Camera Backpack* : Quick reflex-ready holster for my other pair of eyes.
  • Silk Money Belt* : Gut feeling? Oh no, just your passport & soles (Peruvian money) wrapped in silk and safely against your belly.
  • Other Bag (TBD) : For everything else from A to Undies.

Things I’m Bringing:

  • Common sense.
  • Toiletries | BB Cream
  • Toiletries | Chapstick with SPF
  • Toiletries | Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Toiletries | Contact lens, case, travel-size solution
  • Toiletries | (If the obvious isn’t listed, I’m buying it)
  • Reading | Lonely Planet Peru* : I like to highlight, rip, dogear my travel books.
  • Reading | Easy Spanish Phrase Book* : Over 770 phrases for $2? No debate.
  • Gadgets | iPhone 4S : For all my handy-dandy apps.
  • Gadgets | Nikon D700 DSLR : Really debated between bringing this chunk of metal and my much lighter, petite D3100.  Full versus cropped frame?  Peru’s meant to be experienced full-frame.
  • Gadgets | MacBook Air (on loan) : I’ve some pre-work to do.
  • Gadgets – Accessory | Extra camera battery*, battery charger, extra memory cards
  • Gadgets – Accessory | Gorillapod Focus/Ballhead X* : I honestly do not trust my camera in anyone’s hands besides my own.  How’m I to take the iconic Machu Picchu self-portrait then?  Easy. Funky alien tripod and timer.
  • Gadgets – Accessory | International Travel Charger – unnecessary, same as U.S.
  • Gadgets – Portable clip-lights | for dark hostel rooms
  • Misc | Towel : DryLite Towel*
  • Misc | 2 Zip-loc bags : For things you don’t want touching your other things
  • Misc | 1 Bobby Pins.
  • Misc | 3 Hair ties : The ponytail is the best travel style
  • Misc | Moleskine & pen
  • Misc | Aspirin
  • Misc | Altitude pills*
  • Misc | Money, money, money!

Things I’m Wearing:

  1. A scarf : This was a gift from someone I met at Turkey.  Better than souvenirs bought from hawkers.
  2. Blue cap* :  Y’know, to block the sun
  3. 2 Sets of water-resistant pants* : it’s light and rolls up
  4. 2 Pairs of running capris* : also serves sweat-wicking baselayer
  5. 1 Fleece Jacket* : Cold weather protection
  6. 1 Flannel Hiking Shirt* : ExOfficio Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
  7. 3 Technical shirts* : 100% Nylon. Breathable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying.
  8. Bathing suit : Left behind.
  9. 1 Baselayer shirt : Uniqlo Heattech shirt for chillier nights
  10. 1 Baselayer pants : chilly nights
  11. 6 Pairs of socks* : Merino wool. Mostly Point6 socks.
  12. 3 Sets of undies* : ExOfficio Give-N-Go
  13. 2 Sports bras
  14. Goretex hiking boots* : for the actual hike
  15. Flip flops
  16. Cheap $10 sunglasses
  17. Eyeglasses : I have 3 pairs of Warby Parker glasses.  I won’t miss one less should anything happen.

Things I’m Leaving Behind:

  • MacBook Pro w/ Retina : My own workhorse swapped for the lighter loaner (see above).
  • Amazon Kindle : Already in my iPhone as an app.
  • Theory Collar Shirt : My favorite shirt switched for camping shirt.
  • Makeup : no lipgloss or nailpolish. Just grit under fingernails and grin on my face.
  • Ignorance.
  • Worries.


Packing List for Peru Trip | Quixo

The Universal Packing List | Wish I had discovered this before I left on my trip!

How to Pack for a Nomadic Life | Taylor Davidson

Hiking Machu Picchu … On Your Period | Girl Guides

Cusco Clubhouse | SAE

Travel Independent | My favorite go-to site for backpacking and traveling on a budget, check out the country summaries

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ryu ryu sneakpeak

Today I shot the look book for RYU RYU‘s beautiful first collection.  Note, this image is not the final look, just playing with the colors.  The final shots soon to follow after!

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Pesto Pasta

Souvenir Foto School – Food + Foto: Here are a few extra shots from this past week’s main course on the Souvenir Foto School menu hosted by Michelle P. of Creatocrat & Miss Tristan B. of Besotted Brand.  These lovely ladies sure know how to host a most scrumptious feast!

(The previous post was a taste of the starter)

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breaking bread

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Engagement : ray + lilia

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maternity : inna + matt

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