How I Met My Camera.

I use a Nikon with a heart over the logo

Three months into the new year, I was recovering from an accident.  The initial periods of excruciating pain, frustration, and discomfort became periods of boredom and inactivity near the end of my disability leave.  By chance, a friend lent me his DSLR, and a latent creative core was tapped.

Et voilà! Thus, I met my camera (I later bought my own). Given my rather faulty memory, photography enables me to distill and preserve memories and experiences which may have otherwise faded into the foggy past.

All the beautiful, the humorous, and the incredible things I see I capture.  All the images are then curated in my ‘lil corner of the world wide web.

Hello, there! If you want to say ‘hi’, make me a cappuccino, or hire me as your visual storyteller please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Please refrain from emailing me if you want me to write a check to your cousin in Nigeria!

Thanks for reading!


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